COVID-19 Response

Phase I Reopening May 1

We thank all of you for your ongoing support of the gym and each other during this unprecedented time.  You are all essential to us here at Ridgeline, and we will continue to bring our best, most creative ideas to serve your health and wellbeing. We are navigating the current changes to the public health orders at both the state and local levels, and to leverage the expertise of our team to provide the safest environment for everyone - our members, our coaches, our community.  We are stronger together!

Phase I

  • Limited personal training sessions: Coaches will provide in person, limited personal training sessions to four or fewer members six times per day Monday through Thursday.
    • Please do not sign up if you are sick or recovering from an illness (see link to symptom checker) and please cancel if you develop symptoms before coming to the session.
    • Training sessions will be held outdoors for logistics and enjoyment of our beautiful weather (rain will cancel in person sessions but home workouts are always online).
    • Programming will accommodate the ten foot minimum distance recommendations.
  • Ongoing online training: Coaches will continue to telework to provide ongoing access to online training for all members.
    • Online training is a great way to get a workout in on your schedule-between Zoom meetings or as a stress reliever from homeschooling.
    • If you are interested in getting your hands on equipment, let us know as we are putting together orders, working with companies like Kettlebell Kings, or can help you with other options for your home gym.
  • Keeping you healthy: On top of the awesome programming, we are stepping up our cleaning game.
    • Hand hygiene
      • We will continue to provide high quality organic soaps at our facility.  We welcome you to sing your favorite song for 20 seconds as loudly as possible. Have fun.
      • Hand sanitizer, made from organic grain alcohol, aloe and essential oils, will be available at the gym for coach and member use. We encourage use of personal cloth masks as much as each member feels comfortable using. Disposable PPE will be available if needed.
    • Equipment will be cleaned with a bleach solution allowing for adequate contact time to disinfect according to recommended guidelines.  
    • While personal training sessions will be outdoors only for Phase I, frequent cleaning of the indoor gym area, especially the bathroom, will be a priority.
  • Keeping our coaches healthy: Support on coaches who are working from home.
    • We will continue to have at least 50% of our coached teleworking to not only keep great online content coming your way but to keep our coaching team healthy.
    • Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for new content.
    • Please feel free to share with your friends and family outside of the Ridgeline Community to support their health and wellbeing.

If you have more COVID-19 questions, have a comment, have a concern: Ridgeline’s Go-To COVID team member is Heather Ford (Adam's wife). Feel free to contact her at  She will response to emails within 24hrs or sooner if possible.

Heather’s suggested links for more information on COVID and staying well/staying safe:

Updated: 4-30-20 @ 20:37 MST